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Mission Statement

Commitment comes easy when you believe in what you are doing.

JBS has experience in the hospitality and retail business Distributors’ Service, Support and Maintenance Quality.

Why choose Jenna Business Systems?
• We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.
• We only supply the best machines and systems for your business.
• Our Product knowledge is constantly being evaluated and expanded, by constant testing.
• JBS is in constant contact with our Head Office suppliers.
• Extremely knowledgeable technical staff.
• Sturdy Machines built for the rigors of hospitality and retail environments.

Nothing beats a Cash Register for reliably and speed.
JBS has the only true "hybrid" Point of Sale system.
Secure sales data when power fails.
Quick start up when power is returned after failure.
Recovery to the last transaction from a power failure.
No problems such as viruses or lockups.
Exceptional ease of use.

From the Entry level machines to the Casio Touch Point of Service Terminal.
Back of House Software available for South African Conditions.

Cashless hospitality system with customer loyalty program designed for busy nightclubs and bars.

Cash Registers are installed and maintained all over the Western Cape. 95% of issues arising are solved over the telephone, or additionally via Remote Desktop.

Jenna Business Systems

IQ Authorised Business Partner

10 year service
Silver Grading

AVG Antivirus Reseller

For all your front of
house requirements:
• Cash Registers
• Software
• Till rolls
• Ink cartridges

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concerns regarding our
products or pricing.

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